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  WOW! Is all I can say! This is fantastic. There was no hassle... no run around... just quick and simple.  


Cantor Insurance Group provides professional services that are competitive. What sets Cantor Insurance apart from competitors is their commitment to understanding the needs of their customers. The staff is available and always willing to listen to your questions. No automated answering services, just real people giving real and honest answers.


My wife and I were not familiar with the area when we moved here from Kentucky two years ago we. Finding Cantor Insurance has been a blessing, not only for a great price on our home and auto insurance, but someone to answer questions of many kinds. I found out how helpful they are, from beginning to end, when having to make a claim. Friendly, professional and caring!
We were so pleased to have found such a professional insurance office to assist us in all our insurance needs. As the owners of three different companies we require an enormous amount of insurance and attention from our agent. We have found that attention and commitment from Cantor Insurance Group. Thank you to all the support staff that have made our insurance simple over the years. We know that we will continue to place all our insurance needs with your agency.
Since switching to your Company, I have not had any problems that weren't handled immediately and professionally. That is what I need because the line of work I'm in doesn't allow me the time to worry about it. The people there have been pleasant and accommodating at all times. Great job!
I am very pleased with your staff; everyone I have ever talked to or emailed has always responded promptly…..I would highly recommend Cantor Insurance Group!!!!

Personal touch…
I used Cantor Insurance for home and car insurance. They are very personable unlike a lot of the insurance companies out there. The team makes sure that I am covered 100% from all angles. I really appreciate the personal touch.

When my wife and I got married, we had a lot of questions about which insurance would fit our needs. Cantor Insurance not only helped us to get the best deal on our auto and home insurance, but they also made us feel very comfortable. Cantor Insurance is very trustworthy and I would recommend them to everyone!
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You guys really do good work. Thanks.
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